car detailing at home service

Car Detailing at Home Service

Here, we’re going to give you a couple of tips for maintaining the look and cleanliness of your vehicle. No everybody can go to a professional car washing service, but that’s no reason your car has to collect dirt while you wait and save. 

  1. Use compressed air and brushes on your rugs. Get your air compressor going and make sure you blow the dust from every little crevice on your vehicle’s floor. Any car detailing at home service will tell you exactly how difficult it is to get into these areas. Using brushes with rigid thistles make dust and dirt easier to scoop by loosening both. Scraping dirt with these tough brushes allows you to vacuum much more easily as well. 
  2. Putting in (duct)work. Use your trusty compressor to clean out the ducts in your car’s air conditioning system. Target the walls and deep within the vents. Focus on the grills too because that’s where dust collects so much that it produces a stench. Many of our car detailing at home service experts know that a new car smell is essential in taking pride in your vehicle. 
  3. Use the right solutions for tire cleaning. You don’t want your tires to wear out faster than they should. Using acidic tire cleaning chemicals can speed up the wearing out process. Most acidic chemical cleaners cause oxidation and can easily damage your tires. Our car detailing at home service pros have learned to use the right kind of solution for keeping your wheels in tact and clean. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty (clean, actually). Hand washes are a great way to ensure special attention to every part of your car. Most people actually like washing their car. Turn up the stereo and get to cleaning. It can very meditative and therapeutic. 
  5. Go Picasso on your ride. Paint is an important part of your the cosmetic look of your car. Keeping your paint shiny is easy if you know how to do it correctly. Don’t let tree sap or dust sit on your car for too long. If you do, you are risking having your paint erode over time slower than it should. There are acids that seep out from bird droppings, tree sap, and other airborne materials that will start to break up the paint on your car. A good idea is to run your palm over your car when it’s dry to see if you can feel any junk that may not be seen by the name eye. 

Our very own car detailing at home service professionals have the experience necessary to accumulate trial and error knowledge to bring to you, so you don’t make the same mistakes most new car owners do.