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Your car might have a few sets of swirl prints from past washings. Any car wash at home service technician can attest to how frustrating that can be. You want your car to be in peak condition cosmetically as well as functionally. You have to ask yourself: What are you doing wrong? For starters, you should rethink your technique. 

If you’re washing your car once a month, you should really just turn in your car owner’s membership card and start taking the bus. Any car wash at home service professional knows that weekly car washes are most effective in maintaining your car’s shine, without those pesky swirl prints consuming your paint. Another reason washing your vehicle weekly is vital to your car’s cosmetics is that if you wait too long between washes, chemicals inside the junk on your car will seep out and eventually penetrate your paint, allowing its acids to slowly erode the exterior. car wash at home service is here for you!

You don’t want a care with scratches all over it just because you were too lazy to wash your car more frequently, right? Of course not. One of the biggest culprits in making your car’s paint peel off is bird excrement. This has been known to produce an acidic compound that, over time, will penetrate the surface of your vehicle’s paint, and cause the peeling process to begin. 

Car Wash At Home Service

There is another culprit most drivers may not be aware of. A major contributor to your car paint’s slow death that you may not even think about. Brake dust. Only the savviest car wash at home service technician will know that brake dust is a silent killer, in that you won’t even notice these particles spitting up onto your car’s paint every time you press your brakes. Just another reason to make sure you wash your car weekly, and not monthly, or even bi-weekly. 

Another rule of car washer’s thumb is to never wash your vehicle out in the hot sun. If you can, try to use a roof or your garage to wash your car. The rays of sun not only contain particles beaming down, but the heat of the sunbeams can cause your paint to crack more easily and quicker. Our great mobile car wash cypress tx at home service technicians have all the tools and solutions you could ever need for taking care of your beloved vehicle. Whether its your car’s paint you’re worried about, the integrity of the tires, or maybe the transparency of your windows, you can rest assured that we have seasoned professionals at your service to take care of it all.